…as the name implies

That’s not true.  I didn’t hear it out in Grapevine.  Texas.  But I have entered a new chapter in my life and it’s one that I hope will beat all other chapters. Grapevine figures into it, too.  I have met more really nice people here in Texas than anywhere I’ve ever lived. And, I’ve met a lot of people in my life.  No offense intended to all outlying others.

So, no.  This is going to be about music.  I made my living, for the most part, being a radio dj.  Playing the music.  That’s all.  A little advertising here.  A little marketing there.  Some copywriting wherever.  But, being a dj, I got to be near some of the best music that’s ever been written or performed and that is my greatest happiness, aside from the three, now adult, marvels I call MY KIDS.

But, I heard my calling THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE.  Marvin Gaye let me in on it when I was this close to throwing in the towel at too early an age.  He sang about disappointment and sorrow.  I learned from Marvin and so many others how catchy sadness can be.  I was tapping my foot in time to my musical miseries and loving every minute of it, breathing every molecule that stirred because of it, and wishing to be no where else when it played on the radio or in my night time pillowed memory.

Little by little, as time goes by, I intend to get it all out here for you to see and become suspcious of me about.  But, today, I wanted to start it off by sharing precisely why it starts today.  I was reading a review of a new book by a music critic for Rolling Stone magazine.  As if everything has a mystical tie-in, I was hooked.

For now, if you’re an avid reader of short, random thoughts, I’m very happy to know you.  Please let me know your thoughts.  I remain, yours.


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